If you are interested in to buy ours gems, please, contact with us. Just indicate the kind of gem and the reference number, even your address and the kind of payment that you prefer. Then we will answer you, telling the total price and how to do the payment. contact us

We try to do a description as well as we can of every gem: photo, size and weight. Once you receive the package if you don´t like, you can return it back in 15 days (in the same condition as you received ). We will give you back the money less the post and packing.

At the moment we just accept for payment:
Postal transfer.
Bank transfer.
And in any case, cash on delivery.

We send the package by urgent mail certificated and the price is fixed even for to buy one or more pieces: 5 Euros

If you are interested in a fast shipment, Fedex, Seur etc... give us the address and we will say the exact price.


For any question contact us

We are interested in to buy rough, preferably from the Península Ibérica. Look at material list, in the beginning we are interested in all them. If you get any material not written in the list, tell us, please. Also we would change, we get material from all world. contact us.


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